Report from Crosspool Forum – 20mph

This report sent to us by Eamonn Ward – Sheffield Green Party .  This is his personal take on the meeting .

Note that 20’s plenty for Sheffield has no political affiliation but we are happy to post comments from local political parties when they are pertinent.

George Lindars-Hammond, Deputy to the Cabinet member responsible, spoke at Crosspool Forum last week. Selborne Rd scores about 18th or 19th on the citywide points table based on accidents, injuries and deaths in the last 5 years. It needs to be at least top 10 to get into schemes for the next round of annual funding. George said he would like to get this area looked at separately because of the circumstances but did so knowing that year on year funding cuts make this very unlikely.

The official Forum minutes follow. Note that the 20mph commitment is not backed by the current funding availability to make it happen.  shame because citywide schemes like that in Portsmouth are hugely more cost and awareness effective with everyone knowing that it’s 20mph on all residential streets. 20mph zones are being prioritised around school entrances in Sheffield rather than in the general area where children walk to and from school. So that reasoned argument from Cllr Murphy is not likely to lead to anything.

The petitioners were thanked in the meeting. It’s disappointing but, as outlined in a previous post by me, there are hundreds of road safety schemes needed across the city chasing an ever shrinking pot as councils budgets are cut massively year on year.


1/ Selborne Road accident July; George Linders-Hammond from Sheffield CC Highways said they now had a very limited budget (£2m p.a. – once £5m) and speed bumps are very expensive to install. This street did not score highly from past data of accidents, but the Council is committed to making such streets 20mph zones in the next 4-5 years. Cllr Murphy wanted to ensure this is prioritized, as Crosspool has a very high number of children using the streets.

Eamonn Ward  Sheffield Green Party

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